Feature project

Elementary Cycle 2 ES: Adventure Awaits

During this Evaluation Situation (ES), Adventure Awaits, students will consider how imagination plays an important role in storytelling.


Elementary Cycle 2 ES

Frame Your Mind

During this Evaluation Situation (ES), Frame Your Mind, students will consider how our mood and choices influence us.

Secondary Cycle 1 ES

The Short Story

This ES is designed for students at the Secondary 2 level, however is appropriate for all students in Cycle 1 Secondary. In this ES students will have the opportunity to explore short story writing inspired by sound.

Secondary Cycle 1 ES


This ES is all about the Short Story. Two writers were approached and asked to write a short story after viewing a mock book trailer. Students will have the opportunity to meet the same challenge provided to the authors as they attempt to write their own short story inspired by their own mock book trailer.